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Language and communication is one of our most differentiating and unique traits. Therefor, I would like to devote this page to WRITING and ESSAYS'

To Leucone [pronounced loo CON oh way]

Don't be to eager to ask
What the gods have in mind for us
What will become of you,
What will become of me,
What you can read in the cards,
Or spell out on the Ouija board.
It's better not to know.
Either Jupiter says
This coming winter is not
After all going to be
The last winter you have,
Or else Jupiter says
This winter that's coming soon,
Eating away at the cliffs
Along the Tyrrhenian Sea
Is going to be the final
Winter of all. Be mindful.
Take good care of your household.
The time we have is short.
Cut short your hopes for longer.
Now as I say these words,
Time has already fled
Backwords away____
Hold on to the day.

I hate to provide no transition from the previous prose to the next quote, but here it is. It is of an economic and social nature.

....According to Park, this situation can cause the marginal person, whether an adult or child, to suffer anxiety over a conflict of values and loyalties. Adults leave the security of their cultural group, and thereby risk being labeled renegades by their own people. They seek sustained social contacts with members of the dominant group, which may view them as outsiders. No longer comfortable with the old ways but nonetheless influenced by them and identified with them, marginal adults often experiance feelings of frustration, hypersensitivity, and self-consciousness.

You might ask yourself why I put this obscure quote on this page. Let me tell you. I think (Park) could have included not just people of different cultures experiancing marginalization, but people of differant socioeconomic class. With the huge gap in incomes that many Americans receive and the opportunities that come with such, any sort of class ascension will bring marginalization. When Park talks about "dominant group" he is obviously refering to those with power/assets. For many of those who are middle class, their status is barely maintained. For many years we have been seeing many couples both working full time and spending hours each day in traffic etc...just to keep from slipping into poverty. At the same time, strangely, there is a call for "less government". What is this call for less government? It is heard on the "news" daily by pundits and politicians. These talking heads fail to really discuss any thing specific. If memory serves me correct, isn't it from government that we create social safety nets? Nets that outlast the whims of the marketplace and have no interest in creating a profit. Currently in Argentina, the IMF and its 20 billion dollar carrot, have told the drooling politicians that in order to receive it they must extend the retirement age for women, privitise social security, and put a 5 year freeze on public spending. I don't know what the state of affairs of that country's infrastructure but if that was done here, where we are barely hanging on, our people might be upset. I say might because it doesn't seem like anyone really notices how it is NOW. Ironically, everybody from doctors to bus drivers, teachers, trashmen etc are striking! The biggest concern of the politicians were the investors and not the people. Yes there is a relation between investment, profit, and taxation but where does that government expect to get taxes from when the populace is striking, unemployed and facing inflation?