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Welcome to my favorite links!, here you will find interesting and informative links. Do you have any suggestions for a link? E-Mail me and I might put it up.

If you are as sick of commercial television as me you might want to check this site out. It is PBS (you know, Public Television?) PBS

Sick of commercial radio too? Try NPR (National Public Radio). NPR

Here is a link to one of the best and oldest progressive/left radio networks around. The one and only "Pacifica Radio"!! You can listen to daily news on your Personal Computer if you are not in an area that has an affiliate.

THE NATION One of the most legitimate and respected journals around. Established in the 1800s, The Nation covers international and domestic policy. It has a section for a movie critic, and a challenging crossword puzzle. If you haven't read your history or are a little rusty on what is going on in the world, you might be a little confused at first glance. Some of the stuff they write about is a little obscure at times (like WWII Italian Leftists??) but I find that to be the hallmark of good journalism/research. If you are even aware of "Plan Columbia", check this link. Here is the main link for the aforementioned magazine: THE NATION

Here is our nation's newspaper of record:
It's free.

Here is one of our nation's most well written magazines:

Here is where the nations of the world meet to help each other and settle disputes. Consequently, certain figures in the U.S. would rather us act unilaterly rather than face justifiable criticism from the members of the U.N. (example: Punative sanctions on Iraq, payment of U.S. monetary dues to the U.N.) UNITED NATIONS

Here is an institution originaly set up to help finance the reconstruction of post WWII Europe: WORLD BANK

Here is an important institution: ACLU

Here is an informative and simple financial link. NBR The Nightly Business Report on PBS.

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