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Welcome to Shawn's WebSite, a place that is open 24hrs. This is my first effort at a cohesive website. I hope you like it. As you view my "site" You will find the source for the interface. It is free and pretty simple. At the moment, I don't own a scanner. That is why I have so few pictures to look at.

on the same page you use my graphics. Link back to www.******* I've even provided a linking graphic that matches this set - so you have no excuse not to link to me.

This layout uses tables and javascript, if you would like any help with these or any other elements, or if you just have some questions, visit the

The font used for the main title and button text is called Horse, the font used in the numbered buttons at the top is Pica. You should be able to find these at any good font site.

bullet A matching bullet, and a bar.


Use this graphic to link to on the same page and on every page you use the graphics. Do not link directly to the images! This is bandwidth stealing and because these graphics are contained within a password protected directory, it won't work anyway and you will find yourself with broken images. Save yourself the bother - save the images to your own harddive.

Note: The images on these pages are copyright 2000. That makes them ---and mine only. You may use them for PERSONAL sites only. Go ahead and include these images in any other image collection or archive.