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Well here it is, Shawn's Personal Details! I don't really have many pictures at the moment. Here is a a little history: I was born in 1971 in Escondido California, I lived there until the tumultuous year of 1983 when my "parents" got "divorced". At that point I went to live with my "mother" in Indianapolis. I was about 13. I lived there with my twin sister, Darshana, in one of my grandfathers homes. We lived there for about 6 months and then my mother decided to move the 3 of us to Los Osos Ca. Initially we stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

My parents were drug addicts, and we moved quite a bit as a result of my "parents" aversion to paying bills in a timely manner or not having the money to because they spent it on drugs.

O.K. back to my adolescence. In Los Osos, my mom, sister, and I lived behind the "MerryMaker" bar. I was in Junior High and blowin' it. Nothing really mattered at that point. My mom would go to the bar and get really tanked and my sister and I would starve. It seemed as if there was a never ending procession of strange men in our house.

We then moved to the South County (of San Luis Obispo) into a trailer about 18ft long. I could go into detail about that miserable situation but I won't. I managed to find a job as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant across the highway. First thing I did was buy the best bike I could. The envey of many a young man. When I pulled up to High School on that bike you knew who owned it. It was status. Ha Ha Ha!

It has been a while since I have modified this site. Today is April 10 01. I am living in Escondido California and driving a Yellow Cab. I got accepted to Cal State San Marcos on a provisional basis(for the second time). Lets hope I pass my math class here at the Junior College this time. I have cought a cold for the second time this year (strange). I am trying to stop bodyboarding long enough to study. I hope to learn how to ride a pool on a skateboard this year while I am still young enough. We will see.

It is currently Jan 23 02. I am enrolled in 19 units for this spring semester at Cal State San Marcos. I completed 15 units in the fall and still found time to goof of so I figured why not take another class for a total of 19 units. My truck is having its motor rebuilt. Top end and bottom. I am also having new motor and tranny mounts installed. I have been dating a girl named Charity for about 3 times and have a lots of fun with her. We went to the mountains a little while ago and looked at the old places where the Native Americans used to grind corn in little holes in the rocks. Great weather that day. I am not looking forward to the hot summer. I bought a real nice 19' sea kayak and have taken that out in the open ocean near San Diego bay and up north on the coast in the San Luis Obispo area. Gotta go........