Aug 21 00
Well, the first day of school started at Cuesta Communtity college. New faces same attitude. So much is going on in my life that it isn't funny. I will turn 30 on Feb 06, I just got "GE certified" by the school, I quit my "job" at the 7-11, I went back to work for my freind Matt doing some lawn mowing. I don't even have text books. I can't afford them right now. I think I will ask my freinds/relatives for donations. Last week I turned in an application to Cal State San Marcos for the spring semester. I will probably be admitted.
The hour draws late and I must retire for the evening. Adios.

Aug 24 00/ 22:24
Jesus H. Christ! They gave me 50mb of free space on "Tripod". Sweet!! I have only used 2.0mb. Currently I'm listening to that all time favorite CD "Alice in Chains, Unplugged". It's pretty nice. I have not listened to it "in a coon's age"! They really are a great band. Real somber and down to earth. Any way, my freind Lea from Italy and I went bodyboarding/kneeboarding. It was pretty glassy at the rock. There were some pretty decent set waves that rolled in. Lea was pretty brave and jumped in off the rocks where the exhaust current comes out from the power plant. Very sketchy for some one who has never surfed or swam in the ocean before. There was the usuall crew of surfers out surfing up the beach. Lea managed to paddle over where they and the waves were. It was pretty funny because the last thing the gents expected was to see this young women bobbing around in the line up. I managed to snag a few waves my self. I must say that I really shred on my body board!! After 17 years of doing I sure hope so. Surfers generaly think body boarding is a joke. When I'm out there I ride my board allways in a "dropknee" stance. It positions you on the wave upright like a surfer.
I just got some killer pictures of Jalama state beach developed that I will try to post on the site soon. I took them this summer during a nice powerful south swell. Naturally, I took these pictures right after I surfed the shit out them. Stay tuned!!

Aug 26 00/ 00:37
Well another uneventful day. My first class was a class titled,"History of Latin America". What a beautiful way to wake up. We discussed the Mayan Empire and their calander. Then I went home and goofed of with my neighbor Rich Raya. Had coffee and lunch. Watched some Dodger baseball. Took a nap. Then kicked with my grandma and "father". We 3 walked up to the Mission and saw a blues band play. I hate the blues. It seems so cheesey to see a bunch of baby boomers trying to relate to the blues and poverty, which many songs are about. After all "boomers" have inherited the wealth and privelige(sic) that their parents went to war to protect. The majority of the audiance was a bunch of seniors and boomers. One song talked about drinking cheap wine and eating corn bread and catfish. How do these bourgoise boomers know anything about that? From reading Karouc's "On the road" or perhaps Mark Twains "Tom Sawyer"? Mayber it is from going 0n that first class vacation to Mardi Gras in New Orleans in the air conditioned Radisson hotel and being catered to by the Real Poor? They were also drinking expensive Cabernet Savignon in plastic cups and securing business deals on the dirty concrete dance floor. All the "young" people were walking around going "what the hell are they d0ing out there dancing"? One of the few young persons I saw dancing was a Japanese exchange student. Weird? I can almost here the defense that would be said in defense of being able to relate to the lyrics of the "blues": "Hell yeah I can relate to the blues! I got divorced in 78'. I lost my well salaried position with Boeing Aircraft in the 80s. The tuition I pay for my kid at Stanford is almost 15,000$ a year goddamn it. These are my people! These illiterate black folks who wrote these songs. These are My people! I know what the blues are. How dare y0u tell me I don't know what the blues are you bastard!! You think fucking Vietnam was a vacation you little twerp. What do you know ab0ut the blues. You actually question me! If it wasn't for us, goddamn Nikita Cruschev would of been the Supreme Soviet/American. You little nose ring wearing, Gap clothes purchasing, hat backwards wearing, Latte swilling, 150$ Doc Martin shoe sporting, College degree toting, d1sposable income spending, internet porno viewing, Limp Bizkit listening to S.O.B.!!!When we were kids we did nothing but pushups, salute the flag and pledge undieing allegiance to this flawless and perfect "Country". Do you think we questioned this nati0n? Hell no. The Chicago riots were a fluke! Those c0mmie students at Kent State needed to be shot. So get the hel1 out here"!

Sept 16 00??
A lot to report but not much time. Went to San Diego, tried to get some waves(but didn't), checked out CSUSM, internship at the Office of the District Attorney, barely paid my bills, dad went to New York, had an interlude with a nice lady, attending class at j.c.(for the 4th year dammit), celebrated 11 years w/out a drink, basically having fun and enjoying the waning days of my 20's and corresponding youth. Let us all (no matter how "old") do the same! Wait, I'll be honest. I've been plotting the desruction of my enemies, fighting depression,avoiding old girlfriends and how to keep the wolves at the door and not in. Adios for now.

Oct 07 00
Well I just found out I have a slight hernia. It is in my abdomen. At least it isn't cancer. I scored some sweet waves at the reef the other day. I think the winter swells are finally here. I will be out for about 1.5 months I project with the Hernia. Thank god for the fact that the state/county gov't has not completely dryed up funding for low income medical care. The olympics were interesting. The "presidential debates" were a folly. Al Gore ripped George Bush a new one eh?? Stay tuned.....

Jan 04 01

Well, my hernia is healed up fine. I have moved down to Escondido and not San Marcos. They denied my initial application and now I have one class to complete before I can be accepted. Oh well. I went diving in Encinitas and saw the state fish, a bright orange fish. I also saw big Surf Perch and a small sand shark. Got some good waves too.